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"DJ Precaution performed at my

event on 7/20-7/21/18 for my beautiful wedding and reception in Fremont DJ precaution is a family friend and recommendation. My wedding and reception so DJ Precaution had a challenging job that was no match him! He mixed in my personal of English/Indian/Mexican music to his style. I kid you not, no one left the dance floor! People where dancing until they had to leave. My husband was so impressed. Both of our Mexican and Indian were all on the dance floor at once it was Banda or Bhangra! So easy to work with, helped me with my program and guided my hosts and performers for time. Everything went with DJ precaution. He lifted all my worries as a bride. I recommend DJ Precaution for your wedding, birthday parties, reception etc. He is fun and has as a DJ. More a party not only for the Indian community but for all the beautiful races and cultures out there! 10/10, I'd recommend him again!"GINA KUMAR South San Francisco CA

"Great looking website keep up the good work"

Ragni Chanai, San Jose CA

" and my husband always your music and the Avalon parties. We look forward to seeing you again next month. Thank you for always showing us a wonderful time"

Shilpa & Rajnesh Singh, Fremont CA

"DJ PRECAUTION! my friends and love your music man! I like the website, great up to date information, thank you and we'll see you soon buddy"

Vikash Malhotra, Gilroy CA


"Nice website Bro. Hope all is well when Am I gonna hear you on the radio! You should make a song...Good luck and keep that crowd rocking!"

Ronish Sharma, San Bruno CA

"Precaution....great music, great attitude. Dude always have a blast with you at your events. you definitely know how to have a good time. Let us know when your playing in again"

Rochelle Sanchez, San Francisco CA

"The sickest dopest in the bay the site looks great"

Cody Ballard, Vallejo CA

"Nice Keep up the good music"

Vinal Patel, Dallas TX

" ! whats wit ya! seen you around much but still doing your hustle, keep homie. This is a nice site"

Jason Gibbs, San Francisco CA

" and my friends saw you for the first time at XYZ last week. You Rock! Great choice of songs."

Nisha Handari, San Francisco CA

"DJ PRECAUTION the one and only! I love your grooves, you just know how to move me Just curious? Can you please please please play next time "Maar Dala" The revisited remix! I belly dance to this with all my girls at the club...

mwah babe, Keep up the grooves!"

Janet D, San Jose CA

" Mr.Dj Precaution! We came from Jersey to see SRK in san jose and it was our first time hearing you and we just want to give you kudos. a and keep doing what you love to because great at it"

Sweta Rihal, Pemberton NJ

"Hey Roneel, keep up the good work, you ROCK!"

Vancouver BC

"Hey Roneel, nice website buddy you did at my reception.

Thank you from the entire Narayan Family.

Hopefully see you soon at one of your events."

Ravinesh Narayan, San Francisco CA

"Amazing Job you did at the Upen Patel new years party precaution! Thank you for playing all the good party jams! Good luck"

San Jose CA

"Your Parties are Rocking DJ Precaution!"

San Francisco CA

"You did a great job at our reception. Thank you very much, the music selection was perfect!"

Challa, New York NY

"Your party was the very have ever been to and it was a blast! Great music "precaution"

Samantha Corbett, San Francisco CA

"You Rocked it !!! Enjoyed every second of it I must say you are a great DJ Heard u at Lounge before but u were today in Foster City!"

Mamta Nanda, San Francisco CA

"Ron thank you very much for all your help with our wedding. You stayed very professional and assisted our family with everything we needed Everyone loved the music and your selection was perfect.

Good luck. "

Amanda Whitman, Napa Valley CA

"Thank I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but, you guys are amazingly great"

Mellisa Hill, Bay Area Ca

" Me and my family watch you perform every year on stage at the foster city color festival. Amazing! We hope to see you soon somewhere else. Thank you !"

Foster City Ca